Friday, November 11, 2011

Plastic bag Iron-on

This post was saved as a draft for MONTHS for some reason {really don't remember... haha} and now I am editing and posting it... Please remember... this was a test project :)

So I was surfing blog world a couple months ago very long time ago and came across this: HERE

and thought I would give it a try.

Unfortunately, we had thrown all our shopping bags away a little bit before so all we had was a Justice bag.

This project was a complete test to see if this method actually worked, it did! But the shirt did not turn out cute enough to actually wear... I think my sister used it as a pajama shirt {maybe she did wear it.. I don't remember. :)}

We just took an old shirt...

A Justice bag of my little sister's {no, I do not shop there... I have interesting feelings about that store;)}

Placed them on the shirt...

Lay parchment paper over and iron!

{iphone pictures.. sorry.} 

That's it! It's a pretty cool technique, so I will probably do it again some other time but make it look nicer ;)


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