Saturday, June 4, 2011

coral anyone?

i can't wait for summer!
it's soooooo close :)

sorry i haven't been around... i spent time with my family on a little vacation that was so fun!

but meanwhile, who loves the color CORAL?

ooh and with light blue... favorite color combo. 

via pinterest.... again ;)

aren't those so cute?!

well, yesterday i went shopping with my friends and we went to forever 21

while looking in the nail polish, i found different shades of coral nail polish!
so i definitely bought some :)

but i didn't realize it was scented... has anyone ever heard of that?!?!? i smelt it and was like "it smells exactly the same as regular nail polish!" but then i put it on.. you guys it smells so good. seriously.. haha!

this is more of the color:

so, what do you guys think of the color coral?