Thursday, November 10, 2011

peek into my craft space

I don't actually have a craft room, but I have this cute little corner
 (it's hard to explain, but it's not just a normal corner... :)
I love it! 
These pictures were taken when it was finished... needless to say, it's not this tidy anymore... I should get on that.

Let's start with the shelves. My mom bought this shelf from some friends and was kind enough to let me use it for my craft space :)

 I modged podged this pretty damask fabric onto the back:
My fabric collection. I've added to it since, and it does not look this tidy and lovely.
Then my felt, tulle, elastic, etc...
(FYI - I don't use metal headbands anymore)
Some random fabrics... :)

The round container is holding spare flowers & the chair.. it mostly serves as a decoration :P. The mini mannequin was giving to me by my mother and it holds rings/bobby pins perfectly!

My mini dress form... I love it! I saw one at Tai Pan Trading one time (it's like a Home Goods type store) but was NOT going to pay about $40 for it. So I  searched on ebay till I found one for around $20. SO CUTE. :)

This cute little thimble pot (yes, it is supposed to be for plants I think, considering it has a hole at the bottom for water to drain... :) I found at Michaels one time and it was on sale. I think it was around $5.
The thimble usually holds my scissors:

Yes. At my house we have to write "fabric only" on our fabric scissors to ensure no one uses them to cute paper or it dulls them. ;)

This cute damask box (from my friend) sits on my desk. It holds random stuff :)

My glue gun & glue sticks. Without these.... I would die. Seriously though, they are lifesavers! 
Since then I have transferred the hot glue sticks into a tin from the dollar section at Target.

Annnnd... my sewing machine. 
This darn machine has problems. It looks lovely doesn't it? And it was brand new when I got it a couple years ago... but it's having problems lately and it's hard to use. 

But I still love it.... :) 

I just realized that I don't have a picture on here of my actual desk.
I got my desk on craigslist for FREE. Got to love free right?!? It's a VERY sturdy desk.. but very heavy. It wasn't fun for my brothers/dad to get up the stairs. Also, when I painted it, it peels off. So it may be getting replaced sometime soon. 

It works for now though :)

Hope you liked it! I want to see your craft rooms/spaces/corners! Leave a comment with a link to your pictures - I would love to see them! :)


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