Sunday, October 23, 2011

so psyched.

So you may be wondering why I haven't had any new posts....

Here's why :)

I am doing my FIRST craft show right after Thanksgiving.
I don't really think you can understand my excitement unless you were there when I got the news.
Literally could. not. sleep. I had ideas swarming around in my head for booth decorations and such.

But it's not gonna be easy let me tell you that. I will have a total of about a month and a half to make everything. Add to that mixture my school studies, church activities, etc. (need I go on?) and you get a very busy girl who doesn't have much free time.

Which I am totally fine with - because I'm so excited. 

Holidays are my FAVORITE time of year. The weather, the excitement, and just the feeling. So adding my first craft fair makes it even better. :)

not even halfway done :P

so until this craft show is over, I won't be doing any tutorials and stuff, but I think I might start doing a couple what I wore posts (what do you think?) and of course, pinterest loves :). 


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  1. Sweet! May I ask where you get your headband bases? :) I've been needing some and I can't find any good ones!


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