Friday, October 7, 2011


I love Halloween, for the fact that you can dress up, and no one looks at you weird. 
Why can't we have more "Halloweens"?!

I don't really like the scariness, and creepiness of it much though. Some people take it WAYYYY too far... 

My Halloween costume???

Does this picture help???
My Church youth group has a Halloween dance, and you dress up, it is SO fun.

(I'm actually really excited about this costume... is that weird? whatevs. I love it ;)

This is what I was last year:

LOVED it. :)

What are you going to be for Halloween??? 


You're NEVER too old to dress up.

My youth group is also having a party before to learn this dance... My youth group is amazing is all I can say. :)

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  1. Hahaha! i'm always something crazy big. Like it got bigger every year until last year when I was like 'no more not being able to fit on peoples doorsteps!' When I was 10 i was a big m&m made out of a foam couch cushion {we carved it} and then the next year we made it an elephant by adding 2 HUGE ears and a trunk... then me and my BFF made big mrs potato heads out of ginormous cardboard boxes... then 2 years ago we made big paper mache cyclops heads :) i'll do a post showing them all! thanks for the inspiration!


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