Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Guest Post!

What?! A POST from Megan???? That's unheard of!

Just kidding, but I totally have neglected my blog this summer. :(

p.s. I'm over HERE today. :)

I have an awesome blog post for you all today, Alyssa from Live. Love. Craft. is here to show you all such a cute tee refashion!

Take it away girl! 


Hey Making Lemonade readers! It’s Alyssa here, from Live. Love. Craft. And today I’m going to show you how to make your own custom painted tee shirt! It’s super quick and easy, and at max it will only cost you about 5$ including the tee shirt if you don’t have an old one on hand! You’ll simply need the color of acrylic paint you want, Decoart’s fabric painting medium, water, a marker, a tee shirt, and cardboard.

{here’s what the fabric painting medium looks like. You can find it in any craft store for about a buck. You just follow the instructions which are mixing certain parts water, medium, and paint.}

First get your tee shirt and lay it out flat. Put your cardboard in the middle so the paint doesn’t bleed through.

Get a washable marker and draw out what design you’d like. I choose to do a modern lace type design.

Mix your paint up and paint in your lines. It’s okay to paint on the lines. It may take a double coat.

After this I used a little silver to make it shimmer in some places. You can’t really tell in the picture though :( Now just let it dry like it says on the bottle and wash it like normal! Now you have your own custom shirt design!

The coolest thing about it though is that you can do whatever you want!

Thanks Megan for having me! I hope you guys like the tutorial, if you do, you should check my blog out!



How fun right?? And if you have read my blog before you know I love coral!
Go check out her blog - it has tons more cute ideas!!



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  2. Cute shirt. Megan, I am featuring your guest post at Awesome job! GRab my "feature' button.

  3. such a great idea!! im off to paint up a few shirts! thanks for sharing!


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