Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dress form

My Grandma was at Tj Maxx a while ago and saw this huge metal dress form (you know... The ones that are usually $100+) for super cheap and thought of me. So since they are visiting this week they went to Tj Maxx here and found this pretty white one and got it for my {supa supa early} birthday. Isn't it gorgeous?!? It's in my little craft room and I love it. It's taller than ME. You'll probably end up seeing it a lot because I'll be using it to model things:)

In other news - I still am getting ready for my new product... But I'll give you a hint.....
It has something to do with......


*shhh!!! Don't tell anyone... ;)*

also, who here watching american idol? I'm raising my hand high.

and dannnng. This girl is uh-mazing. if you haven't listened to her go listen to her right this second and come back. this is her best song - and she has a lot.

back? mkay. HER GROWL. I could listen to her all day.


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  1. You need to post a picture of your craft space!! Because I still haven't seen it.


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